Changing my email address and updates to my CV

Oct 27, 2014

I have a new email address:

I have been running this blog for two and a half months but was still using my old Gmail address. Now that I'm thinking of applying for jobs, I want something that looks a bit more professional. I think my new email address makes it pretty obvious that I have my own personal domain. I'm hoping that people will see it and think "I guess that guy must know what he's doing".

Setting it up was pretty easy. I'm already registered with Namecheap and they offer a relatively cheap email service.

I did have one slight problem. I had about 800 commits on my GitHub profile with my old Gmail address. I could have left them as they were (GitHub allows you to associate more than one email address with your account). However, I don't think anyone else has cloned them yet and I wanted to have some degree of consistency across all of my public commits.

Thankfully, GitHub provide instructions on how to change author info in published repositories. Their instructions were easy to follow and worked perfectly.

I also made some minor modifications to my CV. Nothing major. I just showed it to my Dad who gave me a few suggestions. I also added some more links to other posts on this blog. I wrote about croquet on Friday and added a link to it in the "interests" section. Croquet has been a pretty big part of my life recently. I didn't want to just say that without any evidence to back it up.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about my two other major hobbies which I have yet to write about: cooking and photography. I have loads of photos to share (from both) and several interesting stories.

I could have done more this week. I feel mildly guilty about it. However, slow progress is far better than no progress and I can live with it. I have plans for this week including finally adding comments to this blog and going to Bristol again. I'll write about that next week.