David Moody - JavaScript developer

About me

An enthusiastic and self-driven web developer. Lots of experience with front-end React development. Also full-stack JavaScript.

Very interested in new web technologies. Active in the local Bristol tech meetup community. Strong academic background. Looking for work in central Bristol.

Technical skills


Christ's College, Cambridge (2008 - 2011)

Strode College (2006 - 2008)


Software Engineer at Momentum Financial Technology (March 2015 - August 2017)

I joined as the only engineer on a project to redesign a consumer finance website. I worked closely with the designers in an agile cross-functional team.

I created a life-insurance quote comparison tool using a third party API.

I created an "investment options tool" for helping first-time investors decide what to do.

I switched to a larger team of developers helping to build a single-page Redux app. It was made to help financial advisers share information with their clients (Moneyhub Connect).

The company went through a restructure and I temporarily moved back to the original team.

I moved back to the other side of the business to work on the consumer app Moneyhub. It was another large single-page React/Flux app.

The app was previously bundled with Cordova but an effort had already been made to migrate to a lightweight React Native wrapper. The iOS build worked but the Android one did not. The project was based on a very old React Native bootstrap project and needed significant work.

I went with five other people from the company to take part in the 2-day Pensions Dashboard Techsprint event in London (run by the HM Treasury).

I also took an interest in our Git repositories while working at the company.

Meetups and conferences

I have attended, helped out and given talks at a lot of local Bristol tech meetups over the last few years:

I've been to these conferences:


davidxmoody.com (2014 - present)

My dotfiles (2011 - present)

Life calendar (2015 - present)

Decaffeination scoreboard (2017)

professorp.co.uk (2013 - 2014)

Diary program (2011 - 2014)

Monte Carlo Tree Search in Texas Hold 'em Poker (2011)

Edubase web scraper (2011)

University group project: molecule recognition (2010)

Personal interests