Notes on Flow type checking in JavaScript

Jul 22, 2016

Here are some rough notes I made while setting up Flow and reading through the official docs. These notes probably won't be that useful to anyone but me.

Vim setup with Syntastic and eslint

This was very tricky to get working well. I wanted a solution which would still work with eslint_d and be fast (i.e. run as a background server). After a lot of struggle, I settled on the following configuration:

Plug 'scrooloose/syntastic'
let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers = ['eslint', 'flow']
let g:syntastic_javascript_eslint_exec = 'eslint_d'
let g:syntastic_javascript_flow_exe = 'flow'
let g:syntastic_aggregate_errors = 1

I also had to restart the eslint_d server in the directory with the .eslintrc config file.

Notes on type checking syntax

Built-in types

More notes