20 of my favourite cooking photos

Nov 7, 2014

I started learning to cook in September 2011. I really enjoyed it. I learned from my Mum, from books and from my own mistakes.

I started taking photographs of what I was making in early 2012. Since then, I have built up a collection of 550 cooking photos of new and interesting recipes. Unfortunately many of the early photos were taking with my Nexus One camera and are pretty much unusable. However, I still have plenty worth sharing, here are my 20 favourite cooking photos.

Sea bass with peppers

Jerk chicken on salad with corn on the cob

Trout with herbs and orange dressing on spinach with chips

Moroccan chicken on purple cauliflower rice

Stuffed aubergines with sweet potato mash and minty green bean salad

Chicken skewers with satay sauce and noodles

Salmon with chilli and coriander butter and mango and avocado salad

Stuffed squash with leek and bean salad

Fish tagine with pollock and a lemon and fennel salad

Chicken tahini salad

Fishcake with sweet potato chips, peas and lemon caper sauce

Chicken salad

Moroccan chicken kebabs with parsley, feta, almond and date salad

Cauliflower rice bowl

Stir fry chicken with a roast tomato dressing and crispy Parmesan

Salmon with green beans and pine nuts and fried potatoes

Griddled courgette and salmon salad

Turkey meatballs with apricot sauce on courgette pasta

Butternut squash stuffed with leeks, served with courgette pasta

Blueberry, walnut and avocado salad with raspberry dressing